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Steel total inventory decline narrowed production plunged to

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Total inventories of the country's five major steel varieties fell 385,200 tons or 1.9 percent to 1,985.48 million tons, down for six weeks in a row, but not as much as the decline of 553,100 tons last week. Social inventories fell 266,300 tons to 1,4017,100 tons, and steel mills' inventories fell 118,900 tons to 5,837,700 tons.

The total inventory of rebar  decreased by 354,100 tons to 10.363,600 tons, among which steel mill inventory decreased by 151,200 tons and social inventory decreased by 202,900 tons to 7.302,300 tons. Wire mills inventory continued to increase, social inventory turned down, the total inventory increased 20,400 tons to 2,491,600 tons. Hot rolled coil total inventory decreased 38,400 tons to 3,594,000 tons, of which social inventory decreased 12,700 tons, steel mill inventory decreased 25,700 tons, cold rolled coil and medium thickness plate total inventory decreased slightly.
Total steel output dropped 399,600 tons or 3.64 percent to 9,783,300 tons this week, falling below 10 million tons for the first time in 17 months. In particular, the output of rebar steel dropped 20,800 tons to 3,071,500 tons. In addition, the output of wire rod decreased 81,400 tons, the output of hot-rolled plate coil decreased 79,200 tons, and only the output of medium thick plate increased slightly.

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