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Anchor bolt

Anchor Bolt with ZP

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• Carton size : The ordinary carton  (27*25*14.5CM) ,  or according to the demand of the customers.
• Packing :  plastic bags,Box, carton , then put on pallets, or according to the demand of the customers.

• We are a typical China supplier with more than 10 years experiences on fasteners.We are professionally exporting under the standards of DIN, JIS, GB, ANSI, and BS, as well as nonstandard fasteners. Now we have gained close cooperation with clients from Canada, Dubai, Europe, India,Chile,Peru and Russia, and won good comments from users. We always fulfilling customers' expectations by following the principle of "Providing services whenever and wherever our customers need it" to establish a steady beneficial relationship and wining customers' hearts. If you need more information, please contact our sales department.

Wedge Anchor products of our company after various processing, its tensile strength, high surface hardness, good mechanical properties. The surface treatment is recommended to use surface galvanized or stainless steel materials, the use of high-tech environmental protection technology, at the same time, the use of self-developed new technology and new technology to constantly reduce the production cost of products, in the quality and price have obvious advantages and competitiveness!

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