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Car/Truck/Bus tire pump

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Product power: 120W
Electrical pressure: DC 12v
Line length: 2.8 meters
Product function: automatic filling and stopping for gas filling and pressure measuring
Inflating time: mechanical standard: about 7 minutes, digital display about 5 minutes
Product weight: 0.95KG/ set
Product size: 27*16*9cm
Packing quantity: 18 pieces
Packing size: 55*30*51cm
Packing weight: 18KG

Double Cylinder Inflatable Digital Pump Suitcase Car Air Compressor 12V Toolbox Portable

Reach the setting pressure and automatically stop inflating

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Whatsapp: 008615267888847

Phone: 086 15267888847

Tel: +86-574-27717055

Email: 008615267888847

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